Nicu Gheara a ”godfather” for Romania
Stefan Candea / 2003-05-26 ro
Acasa | Investigatii | Nicu Gheara a ”godfather” for Romania
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Obsessed by the famous John Gotti, Gheara has surrounded himself by dark personages from all over the world.
We are continuing the series of reveling the hidden face of Nicu Gheara world connections with interlope people, some of them international level, dark business conducted in typical Mob ways.
“Jurnalul National” publish these reveals, and for the first time the photos taken at parties or meetings which make nothing but to confirm the connection of Nicu Gheara with the interests of interlope world from abroad But our role stops here. It is up to Romanians authorities informed by these published materials to do their full duties.
Nicu Gheara has a very active social life, organizing parties in company of famous people. From politicians to musicians and actors, to secret services chiefs. What is really important is to be seen, remarked and applauded every time.
For Gheara is very important the image of benefactor image and he takes care to feed an entire army of reporters army able to inform with docility the public opinion about his plans, aims and realizations. For him, really counts that he appeared on television together with Armand Assante (n.r. the actor of the mob man John Gotti in the movie with the same name) at his discotheque in Olimp, even if he was put under surveillance for fraud.
We will see in this part of the investigation initiated by our reporters, the characters found in Gheara’s company very often, at different parties, miss contests or other social events sponsored by him.

“Karma” network, protected in Romania, beheaded in Germany

Many important friends of Gheara from local interlope world were investigated and accused of drugs traffic in the file called “Karma”. This is the name of the discotheque, which became finally Space club owned now by Gheara. It is about the well-known Sorin Sapunarescu, arrested at the present in Germany for ecstasy pills traffic. He used to run Karma club.
Sapunarescu associated to a certain point with the interlope Nuredin Beinur from Mangalia and created a few companies, such as security forms Beinguard and Millenium Security. As a parenthesis, Nicu Gheara is the “nose" of Nuredin Beinur. Sapunarescu ran not only the Karma club but also a group of pill trafficants in USA and West Europe, using various officials undercover for the transporters who carried the merchandise.
In Sapunarescu’s gang among the entertainment partners of Gheara, was also Florin Iosef, called Felipe too, at the time being is in jail in USA for the same bad habits-drugs traffic. The Karma case started in Romania but German and American Polices put an end to it.
It seems that in Romania the protection of Sapunarescu group is too powerful and to a high level, not to manage to find an instant solution by the persecutors.

Bucharest – the center of organized crime

Interesting links with interlope world from Italy, Russia and USA at the local level. He came into contact with persons from international organized crime area. His tied connections with the show-biz world and his knowledge of exploiting minutely one of the less capitals of Romania - beautiful girls, propelled Gheara close to some interesting characters in show-biz.
So, not only Armand Assante, but also Ciro Arsinni- the owner of international chain Ciro’s Pomodoro pizza restaurants, the owner of Stone Music record company too and with a past full with notable events-is one of Gheara’s friends.
Ghera had invited Orsini with several occasions, the last time being seen together this year at “Romanian Football Association” inauguration. This is the football players union that has Nicu Ghera as foundation member. At the present, Ciro Orsini is involved in not less than10 companies, all of them from UK with subsidiaries all over the world.

The Death of a Model

The name of Ciro Orsini, an Italian who spends most of his time in UK, is tied connected with the name of a famous American model who had a long stable relation with Orsini and who was assassinated. Jill Weatherwax, ex Miss Hollywood and image of Revlon Cosmetics company was found behind a stable. Jill was helped to build his career by Ciro Orsini and his partner Hal Stone, music producer in Hollywood and nightclub owner. They helped her even to launch a music album.
Jill Weatherwax died at the time when she and Orsini broke up, as said Hal Stone because she was addicted to drugs. The murder of the American model hasn’t been elucidated by the police ever since. But Orsini declared that he order to find the killers. Another unsolved crime remains what happened at the beginning of 90’ s in Orsini’s company. At that time, one of Orsini’s partners at Ciro’s Pomodoro pizza restaurants was killed in London, but the killers had never been found.

The Italian channel pass through America

Orsini’s destiny brought him in touch with another well-known American mob man: Franco Nicoletti. Nicoletti, who is in jail now for money laundry, is the perfect mob man type. According to the psychologist who investigated him in jail, Nicoletti suffers from a disease that doesn’t allow him to feel the quilt or any other remorse. He can lie, steal or cheat without being bothered by consequences.
According to some American publishers, n worked as a manager to the first Ciro’s restaurant from Los Angeles, a location known as being visited by the Mafia. This was the first contact between Ciro Orsini and Nicoletti.

Russian Channel - prostitution, money laundry and drugs

Orsini but also Sapunarescu&co. was closed to some active Russians in USA and UK, whose names are associated with the drugs traffic money laundry operations and what else but women traffic. Russian names are Serghei Skobeltin and Rodion Sokroviciuc. They founded a few companies in Miami, Florida and the most important were intend to take care of settling the prostitutes from the ex-soviet union countries.
Skobeltin, who is considered by the American information Agencies involved in mob Russian group Kazanskaia, bought two night clubs for 8 millions dollars, in the year 1996:Pure Platinum and Solid Gold. He could be happy long time for these clubs because the State Department refused his entrance in the country based on visa’s reasons. Even if Skobeltin has already many properties, he couldn’t enter in the USA and has to sell the two clubs. More than that, some functioning licenses were refused to him because there were suspicions concerning his money provenience.
When Skobeltin started to have problems with the American authorities, he already brought in contact with Sapunarescu group. We have to mention that the place where Sapunarescu initiated drugs businesses Miami, where also Skobeltin lives an active life and Ciro Orsini opened more restaurants. They both lived on Collins Avenue.
We haven’t been noticed this detail if we didn’t observed that at Skobeltin address lived between 2001-2002, in the same time, two Romanian women. It is about Elena Lungu (who changed her name in Estrada) and Flavia M. Burcea. Rodion registered at the same address more women with Russian names, probably for helping then to obtain the USA visa. He was close to striptease clubs and he married finally with a striptease girl from Miami, where he decided to live.

Serghei, the Russian who comes in but never gets out

Coming back to the connection between Skobeltin and Sapunarescu, we have to mention that the Russian tried a stratagem to escape of USA problems and enter again in the country. He came in Romania helped by Sapunarescu company from Karma, and opened a company, Serghei Limited Inc., that has the main activity oil products.
This Limited Company didn’t present any balance sheet to the Financial Administration, and the person who lives here told us to he hasn’t seen Skobeltin for a long time. The Russian seems to disappear but his leaving is not registered anywhere. From our sources he got married in Romania, in order to obtain a Romanian passport and to get rid of problems linked with his original name.
When Skobeltin came in Romania, he had very important contracts in UK and he contacted Ciro Orsini friends. We can not help ourselves to observe that Skobeltin, Orsini and Gheara are spinning around the same important capital: beautiful women.

Giosue Castellano - the nephew of the first women “nose” from Italy

Giosue Castellano, also known as Joshua is often seen in Gheara’s company, especially at Space parties. Lately one strange thing happened. At Giosue’s bar, Morgana, you could see Nutu Camataru bodyguards, the only enemy of Nicu Gheara.
The Italian owns Zerillos Group and Inter Indusrie Trading. Both of them have only one activity: restaurants. Gheara is more than interested in Gheara company because he came from a family with roots in traditional mob from Italy, as Castellammare di Stabia, near Napoli. Giosue’s aunt Pupetta Maresca remained in history as first women leader of a mob Italian family, after she took a gun in her hands and revenged her husband assassination in years 60’s.
Giosue has another two brothers, Lorenzo and Ciro. Ciro had been arrested a few years ago in Romania, where he was hiding from the Italian police. On his name there is emitted another mandate in Italy for a mob crime.
It ha to be said that Giosue helps DJ Rosario to find a place in the country. He became Pepy’s partner, right-hand man of Gheara, for Master Agency company, Gheara and Giosue, had a relationship with Catalin Botezatu that brings them together.

Stefan Cãndea, Paul Cristian Radu

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