05BRATISLAVA70 / 2005-01-31 15:39:00
Embassy Bratislava
                UNCLAS BRATISLAVA 000070 
E.O. 12958: N/A 
SUBJECT:  Country Clearance granted for NP/ECC personnel:  Paul 
B. van Son and Jason C. McClellan 
1.   Embassy Bratislava welcomes the NP/ECC personnel: Paul B. 
   van Son and Jason C. McClellan and grants country clearance for 
   the period of February 1-2, 2005. The embassy point of contact 
   is Larry Adkins, EXBX Program Advisor, tel: +421-2-5922-3375, 
   fax: 421-5922-5038. Reservations have been made at the Hotel 
   Carlton (Address: Hviezdoslavovo nam. 1, Bratislava, tel.+421-2- 
   5939-0512, res.no 119228, 119227). Room charge at the hotel is 
   USD 150 which is within Bratislava perdiem. 
2.   The u.s. embassy's address is Hviezdoslavovo nam. 4, 811 
   02 Bratislava, Slovakia. Telephone numbers are: +421-2-5443- 
   0861 or +421-5443-3338. 
3.   Security clearances and building access: if necessary, the 
   regional security officer will provide a temporary embassy 
   badge for you. Thank you for providing your clearance level in 
4.   Computer access to mission facilities: privately owned 
   laptops and personal computers (including palm pilots), 
   peripherals, diskettes and tapes are prohibited in all mission 
   facilities. Travelers with United States Government (USG) owned 
   unclassified laptop or notebook computers, peripherals, 
   diskettes and tapes must receive RSO/IPO authorization prior to 
   being granted access to U.S. mission buildings.  USG-owned 
   classified computers must be sent to post via classified 
   diplomatic pouches. Classified equipment must bear external USG 
   bar codes, inventory numbers, and classification marking 
   commensurate with the highest level of information processed on 
   the system. 
5.   Security: post reminds traveler that we are under a high 
   level threat of potential terrorist activities.  This warning 
   is especially applicable to those of us in diplomatic missions 
   overseas. The U.S. government continues to receive credible 
   indications that extremist groups and individuals are planning 
   additional terrorist actions against u.s. interests worldwide. 
   Such actions may include, but are not limited to suicide 
   operations.  Because security and security awareness have been 
   elevated within the United States, the terrorists may target 
   U.S. interests overseas.  There is a possibility that American 
   citizens may be targeted for kidnapping or assassination. 
   Employees are reminded to remain vigilant with regard to their 
   personal security and to exercise caution. 
6.   The Slovak republic has a "medium" rate of crime, although 
   violent crime is relatively uncommon.  Visitors are urged to 
   exercise reasonable precautions.  If you must walk alone at 
   night, keep to populous and well-lighted areas.  Pay attention 
   to your wallet, purse, handbag and cellular telephone, as all 
   are popular targets of the local thieves.  The local 
   pickpockets are professional and most active during the summer. 
   They tend to utilize distraction techniques to confuse their 
   target, preferring locations such as shopping centers, markets 
   and public transportation in the vicinity of the "old town", 
   near major hotels where foreigners stay and tourist sites, and 
   the night trains to Prague and Warsaw. Power struggles between 
   organized crime elements, which can be violent, occur from time 
   to time.  This activity is not/not directed against Americans 
   or other foreigners.  The rate of auto theft, which is also 
   connected to organized crime, is very high in Bratislava.  Up- 
   market European and American cars are preferred targets.  The 
   use of alarm systems or anti-theft devices is strongly 
7.   Medical: if you experience a medical emergency after work 
   hours, contact the embassy duty officer at cell phone 
   0903-703-666. If you cannot reach the duty officer, the embassy 
   has a contract with an English-speaking Slovak doctor, dr. 
   Capova, who is available 24 hours a day to provide 
   consultations and arrange treatment at local hospitals. Dr. 
   Capova can be reached at 6252 5068 (home) or at 0904 637 836 
   (cell phone). Tell dr. Capova that you are with the U.S. 
   embassy and require emergency assistance. If necessary, dial 
   155 to contact the city ambulance service. 

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