"Gheara and co" Laundry
Stefan Candea / 2003-05-26 ro
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Failure businesses, ultra-rich man
Along a few episodes,"Juranalul National" revealed the interlope network created by "nose" Nicu Gheara, around who gravitate some Chinese, Russian, Italian or American Mob Groups.

Also, you found out about the interlope characters who became Gheara's friends. Today we present the result of this mob web. At first view, the businesses are not profitable but loose huge amounts of money, Nicu Gheara lives like a nabob, with properties worth millions of dollars.

"Gheara and co" Laundry

Even if his companies don't produce profit, but tremendous expenses and debts, Nicu Gheara lives like a nabob. He has millions dollars fortunes.
All materials published by "Jurnalul National" about Nicu Gheara organization converge to the same point: the businesses developed “in public” don’t justify his big fortune. The official figures show us Gheara as having a small number of bankrupt companies. In this case, where are all these millions of dollars, which consolidated his empire, coming from? We already answered to these questions in previous episodes, but the subject wasn't interesting enough for the entitled institutions. (Stefan Candea, Paul Cristian Radu)

Black Holes: according to the bookkeeping, Nicu Gheara is a philanthropic person!

In one single year, his own and his partners companies registered losses for over 1 milliard ROL and debts for at least 56 milliards.
Nicu Gheara wants to show off as an important businessman. He invests in football, he finances social events and is the sponsor for some people. We analyzed the reports found at the Financial Administration at the present regarding the financial situation of Gheara family companies. Here is the situation resulted from the Finances Minister papers.
Debts: 17,2 milliard ROL
Losts: 83 millions ROL
Profit: 0
The last company balance sheet was registered in 1999, an till now, year 2003 there is no proof of incomes, pay taxes, expenses, turn-over or profit. In 1999, the company's debts were 17,2 milliards ROL. The turn-over was 20 millions ROL and incomes 110 millions ROL. The profit was exactly 0 ROL and companies losses 83 millions ROL. Till now, a double hole: debts and loses of the company.
Eurostandard Invest
Debts: 1 milliard ROL
Profit: 22 millions ROL
Also this company didn't bring up to date the balance sheets. But, in the same year-1999, company has losses for over 1 milliards ROL and an anemic profit of 22 millions ROL. Both companies make the En-gross Europa and we can realize that the most important business it is not too profitable. More than that, we are tempted to conclude that the businessman has to pay from his own pocket to sustain the Chinese en-gross. And this is quite a charitable gesture.
Disco Space Models
Debts: 12 milliard ROL
Losts: 800 millions ROL
Profit: 0
It was opened in the year 1999 and in 2002 the debts were over 12 milliards ROL. The turn-over is equal with the incomes –700 millions and the expenses are more than double this sum – one milliard and a half. The company has no profit and loses of 800 millions.
Master Agency
To remain in the same area of interest, Gheara’s clubs, we have to mention that using his right-hand man, Pepy, he opened Master Agency which takes care of restaurants. It was opened together with Bogdan Clinica and Rosario Luca Internullo Italian DJ, brought from Sicily, Italy. There is no accounting report.
Space Arta si Sport
Debts: 2 milliards ROL
Losts: 270 millions ROL
Profit: 0
The main activity is “radio and television activities”. The company completed rich contracts with Romanian Television (for example, for a “football and divertissement” show realized in Nicu Gheara Space Club by his godson, Ionel Stoica). However, in the bookkeeping the company debts are for a year to almost 2 milliards ROL. The expenses are bigger than earnings so on Gheara companies list adds a new hole of 270 millions.
City Town
Debts: 9 milliard ROL
Losts: 51 millions ROL
Profit: 0
It is the commercial complex situated on Gheara family and Ye Feng Chinese propriety. The debts for one single year were 9 milliards ROL. The company earnings are 1,2 milliards ROL and meaning the rent for the hundreds commercial surfaces and warehouse cashed in by Gheara and Feng is just 100 millions monthly. That means a medium 300 000 ROL rent for each booth and warehouse from the en-gross. Again we can discover the charity of the business man Nicu Gheara, judging after these dumping prices, the company City Town has a profit for one year for 51 millions, that means 4 millions ROL monthly. Not even the quantity of gas consumed for the grace-cutting machine in Simetriei Street from Bucharest.
Escape International
Debts: 15 milliard ROL
Losts: 100 millions ROL
Profit: 0
We will finish our argumentation presenting the situation of an opened company by the one considered to be the financial brain of Gheara, Nicolae Daniel Pepy. He opened a company ironically called Escape, and the actual main activity is “credit based on contracts”. This is at least a black humor proof that these kinds of people opened a company that offers legal loans. And even if the hock is quite a profitable activity, the last balance sheet of Escape company shows desolated figures: 15 milliards debts and 100 millions losses.

Romanians are taken by surprise by the organized crime

We observe that lately Gheara develop his activities using intermeddlers and the force used in intervention cases can not be related directly with his companies’ papers. The closest connection can be established with his family, who becomes bigger and bigger every day, through of the relative laws, weddings and baptizing. In this case law through an investigation team can not charge him. The Romanian law is not ready yet to face the organized crime operations that attack Romania. We don’t have yet a similar law like RICO in USA, that makes a character like Gheara not to be charged but small issues from what he can escape every time.
For any information, suggestion or comments on this subject you can contact us at these two addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

Palaces, villas, limousines, presents, sponsorships

From his little fortune, Gheara built a real fortification in Bucharest, on Simetriei Street, a palace rented to Azerbaidgjan Embassy, he bought a villa in Baleares Islands (at Ibiza in Spain, on Carles Passeing Street) and is sponsor for different fashion festivals, singers and newspapermen. Also he owns some luxury limousines, such as a convertible Mercedes.
According to the press at his god sun wedding Nuredin Beinur (who controls the whole Black Sea coast from Mangalia to Neptun), Gheara offered him 100 000 dollars as a wedding gift. He also contributed with over 400 000 dollars as a shareholder to Universitatea Craiova, sponsoring musical career of Marcel Pavel and the fashion designer career of Catalin Botezatu. Even more, Gheara is the sponsor of Miss Romania contests, Press Football Cup or the travels abroad of different artists and newspapers men under his protective wing.

Gheara Businesses entered in The World Bank Scheme

These kind of financial activities developed by Nicu Gheara are leading us to an analyze made by World Bank about the money laundry resulted from illegal activities from the organized crime field, corruption etc. The similarities are really astonishing.
After we analyzed these data we can fill in the gaps from the next scheme, from up to down. On one side we have an huge luxury consume (houses here and abroad, clubs, proprieties, investments not based on a justify legally provenience in football, modeling, interested politicians company and authorities representatives, the benumbed of Police when it has to take action when Gheara breaks the law), and, on the other hand we my discover the legal earnings at the subsistence limit. The result shows that the enormous consume that we have referred at have the origin and the support in other activities. At the middle there are various ways of laundry these amounts of money. World Bank concludes that tolerating this kind of activity has bad influences over the whole governmental system.

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