Trafficking through a sport federation
Adrian Mogos / 2010-01-10 ro
Acasa | Investigatii | Trafficking through a sport federation
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The majority of Moldovans who managed to reach the Czech Republic use tourist visas, like their Ukrainians colleagues. Others use forged or fake Latvian, Lithuanian or Polish passports. Early in 2008, Moldovan police apprehended a criminal group producing these fake ID papers. Investigators concluded that every person who intended to reach EU states had paid around 4,500 euros for this service.


In 2009, police from Moldova’s Organized Crime unit arrested several people who under the cover of a sports federation were trafficking migrants westwards, especially to the Czech Republic. Constantin Mereacre, vice-president of that federation, let his travel company be used for such illegal activities as every client paid between 3,000 and 4,500 euro.

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